Intel® Nervana™ AI Summit Moscow

Join us for the Intel® Nervana™ Artificial Intelligence Summit in Moscow on May 16th, 2017.

Meet technology experts and software leaders for a day to learn and understand how Intel technology helps unlock AI’s potential, creating an even greater impact for you, your business and the whole society.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Impact Us?

Artificial intelligence promises to transform society on the scale of the industrial, technical and digital revolutions before it. Machines that can sense, reason and act will accelerate solutions to large-scale problems in myriad of fields, including science, finance, medicine and education, augmenting human capability and helping us to go further, farther, faster. Buoyed by Moore’s Law and fed by a deluge of data, AI is at the heart of much of today’s technical innovation.

Intel Is Accelerating Artificial Intelligence!

Today, typical machine learning processes are labor and compute intensive. We are helping compress the innovation cycle, with a range of purpose-built solutions to drive AI innovation. A flexible portfolio of technologies is enabling data scientists to build more advanced AI solutions and stimulate new idea exploration.

Why you should not miss the Intel® Nervana™ AI Summit 2017:

  • Hear Intel’s strategy for Artificial Intelligence directly from senior leaders and technology experts from Intel
  • Learn in detail about current and future technologies from Intel delivering solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Meet and network with your peers from the industry, academia and with experts and leaders from Intel

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